We are a group of Volkswagen enthusiasts based in Louisville, Kentucky.  We want to have fun with our cars and connect with other VW fans and owners.  We plan to have VW events, gathering,  and cruises  throughout the year.  We look forward to meeting you and discussing all things VW. Be sure to visit our our Facebook page.   


We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 7PM at different places around the Louisville and Southern Indiana area.   Bring your friends, family or whomever as we meet for dinner and/or dessert and discuss future events, shows, cruises and anything else that may be on your mind.  Also, make sure to bring your VW if possible, if not, your normal daily driver will do.  In the Calendar on the Events tab will be the location of each month's meeting.  See everyone the first Tuesday of the month.

Club Show

We host an annual show at St. Joseph Children's Home in September.  All VW's, Porsche, and Audi are welcome.  Please contact ClassicVWClubLouisville@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions.



Membership in this club has many benefits and it is FREE to everyone!!!  We plan to have fun  with our VW's and hang out with, help and meet others  that have a passion for VW's. You are not required to come to a certain amount of meetings or events, although, we would love for you to come and have fun at as many events as possible.    You don't need to own a VW, just have an interest in these neat cars.   You can have any type of VW or VW-based vehicle, watercooled, aircooled, buggies, rails, kits, rods, etc...

We will have several cruises, events and one Club show throughout the year.  Our club is a FREE to join.  We are able to function from the sales of apparel and some proceeds from the annual show (V-Dub Derby).  If you are interested in joining the club and staying updated on club events, you can send an email to ClassicVWClubLouisville@gmail.com to get on the emial list.  We look forward to hearing from you or seeing  you out at one of our club events.

Go to the Events Tab for more information or visit our forum/events
The Classic Volkswagen Club of Louisville is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen of America, Inc. or Volkswagen A.G. The Classic Volkswagen Club of Louisville exists solely for its members to persue interests regarding products manufactured by Volkswagen, Inc. and VolkswagenA.G. All trademarks and sevice marks related to Volkswagen are property of Volkswagen. It is not the intent of the Classic Volkswagen Club of Louisville to infringe upon these protected entities.
VW Club Info: ClassicVWClubLouisville@gmail.com

​Club Officers:

Zach Flynn                                 Zach75Westy@gmail.com
President                                   502-287-8689

Chris Wilburn                             C_Wilburn@hotmail.com
Vice-President/Club Events       270-272-2785   

Tim Abney                                 TAbney@gmail.com
Club Membership/Secretary      812-406-9994

Tim Hardesty                             SquarebackGuy@gmail.com
Club Officer                                502-494-1158  

Richard Heckler                         Heckler@bellsouth.net
Treasurer                                   502-931-2067

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